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Tomoko Sawada Exhibition at Colette

Tomoko Sawada Photo Exphibition at Colette France

Tomoko Sawada is a renowned contemporary photographer in Tokyo art world. Her upcoming show at >Colette in November will be focusing on the cute looks in Japan, that means Lolita and Harajuku style!

Tomoko Sawada exhibition, November 3rd-29th. The conceptual artist worked on describing Japanese teenagers’ fashion and Tokyo’s famous “Harajuku Style” in taking pictures of herself dressed “Kawaii” and typically Japanese.

During Paris-Photo 2008, join Aperture and colette, next November 14th for a book signing of photographers Takashi Homma for his “Tokyo”, Eikoh Hosoe for “Barakei”, Michal Chelbin for “Strangely Familiar: Acrobats, Athletes, and Other Traveling Troupes”, Erwin Olaf for his eponymous “Erwin Olaf” and Michael Wolf for “The Transparent City”.


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