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Dir en Grey new album, Japanese vs US version

By now, all the Dir en Grey fans in the US should have bought their tickets to the concert later this November. But how about the new CD Uroboros? Uroboros is coming out on 11/11/08. There are 3 different versions of the album in the Japanese version itself, and 4 in the US.

Japanese version Uroboros

Limited Edition – 2CD+DVD+2LD (Subjecte to change)

Limited Edition – 2CD

Regular Edition – 1CD

US version Uroboros

Special Package – CD+LTD+CD/DVD+T-shirt

LTD Digi+Bonus DVD

Gatefold Vinyl+Download Card

Regular CD

Japanese sure knows how to get every single dime out of the fan girls. These CDs varies from 10.99+free shipping to $116+shipping. I guess I’m getting the US version vinyl copy with the downloand card. That way, I could have my music on the computer too.

Dir en Grey – Glass Skin


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