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Metamorphose cat print series.

Metamorphose fans must be very busy with their reservations these day. Becase Metamorphose just releases their new cat print series, and it will be up for reservation on November 1st, 2008. This will be their other original print that very similar to the room print series. They are coming in black, pink and light blue.

More pictures right here~!



  Sparklewolfie wrote @

I think I only like the black one :/ the other colors clash a little! bit the cats are cute!!!

  hasejun1985 wrote @

Me too. I’m so not interested in the blue one.

  Daisy wrote @

I dont like those that much
im more in love with the swanlakes and the roomprints
I must say the leopard serie is a bad bad serie…
those are kinda whore-ish

  mitsuko2046 wrote @

aww love them
what a shame this post is old 😦

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