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NuBra X Hello Kitty comes in a set!

All the ladies out there should know about the magic of NuBra. NuBra helps you to wear all the tanks, low back, strapless and backless outfits. Because NuBra’s unique adhensive material helps stay in place without the straps/band. In US, the NuBra we could get are the very basic ones. But in Japan, they have all kind of different prints, design and color. Now Sanrio also makes bra and panty set with NuBra. The polka dots with Hello Kitty lace and giant bow in the middle are just pure love. No matter you are Hello Kitty lovers or lovely lolita sans, everyone would like to get a hold of them.

More pictures after the jump.

By the way, they do come in red with white polka dots and lace. Check it out at Sanrio!



  raybear wrote @

oh, japan. thank goodness for this.

  Sparklewolfie wrote @

I kinda want just the lace to put on other clothes… 8D

  raybear wrote @


  hasejun1985 wrote @

That will be crazy!

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