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Onch Movement Pretzel Necklaces

We just looked at some sweets jewelry few days ago in our blog, here is another brand that we world like to recommend to you. They are an Los Angeles based brand called Onch Movement (Original Niche Collaborative Heat Movement) specialized in handcrafted jewelry. They don’t have too many products for now, but I do like the flat pretzel silver necklace shown above.

Available at their website Onch Movement, and Japan LA.

More pictures under the cut.


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  Hobo wrote @

WOW ONCH IS HOt!! Tell him to call me my number is 532-327-552. That is my real number!!! So dont act like oh thats fake. Call me up! ill answer
anyways he hottie
im making a pineapple necklace for that hot movement..i just want to kiss his bottom!! Im sure he had pretzel undies1!! HOTTIE

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