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Hello Kitty X SevenEleven Xmas special gifts

When the weather starts getting chill, we start thinking about Christmas. Hello Kitty and Seven Eleven in Japan is collaborating for the very special Christmas gifts. The first one is Hello Kitty dressed in a removable cape. This Hello Kitty is limited to the first 711 customers who reserved it. The second one is a Swarovski crystal covered KiraKira ball pen. The first 100 people who pay ¥21000 for that could bring it home on 12/15. Won’t they be the best Christmas present for Hello Kitty fans out there?



  blkmagdalia wrote @

Wow, that HK doll is too cute. It’s a shame it’s so expensive (and limited). 7-eleven is so much cooler in Japan.

  hasejun1985 wrote @

I know! The 7-eleven here on;y sell coffee and donuts. >_<

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