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Casio Exilim with Hello Kitty first and Doraemon second

In September, Casio collaborated with Sanrio and released the Hello Kitty Exilim Ex-Z80. Now Casio is featuring their new Ex-Z20 with Doraemon. Both of them are very similar models, both have 8.1 mega pixels, 2.6 inches monitor, face detection and 3x optical zoom.  But the Doraemon version has a special matching case, but not the Hello Kitty one. Doraemon Exilim is coming out in December. Don’t forget to preorder it, if you like this little blue cat.



  sparklewolfie wrote @

XD just yesterday I was looking for a pink point and shoot camera! I’m gonna go check reviews on the HK one ❤

  Casio Baby G sale wrote @

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