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Metamorphose Lucky Bag

Metamorphose new lucky bag. or fukubukuro, will be available for internet order on 11/5/08 0:00 a.m. Japanese time. The lucky bag cost ¥10.500 (tax included), the merchandises in the bag worth about ¥30,000. This will be a great time to stock up the Lolita basic.

Since Metamorphose hasn’t update their English website yet, we don’t know if they will accept international order for the lucky bag.

Edit: International orders are accepted at the same time. Yay!



  Daisy wrote @

I have seen it on the english site!
its such a pity you cant see what you get
wheter you will fit in it or not…
Does anyone know what usualy is in such a lucky pack?

  princessmangel wrote @

They usually put stuffs from last season that don’t really sell in it. But they will make the lucky pack more balance by putting like a top, a bottom, some under garments, and accessories. So it will be an outfit at least. But we just won’t know the size or the color. Hopefully not anything super odd.

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