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Swimmer keeping you warm for the winter

Finally the weather feel a little more like winter time, at least in California. But in Japan, there are already a lot of different products appear in the market to keep you warm. Since everyone is aware of eco-friendly items, the old-fashion hot water bottle become the trend of this year’s choice of personal heater. Hot water bottle is a rubber container that filled with hot water and sealed with a stopper. As ugly as it could be, Japanese finds a way to make it trendy.  Swimmer has the hot water bottle with the cutest covers.

Besides hot water bottles, Swimmer also keeps you warm by having the loveliest knit pants. These knit pants are supposed to be wore under skirt, so you won’t catch a cold when you are wearing your mini-skirt outfit.

How can we not have cute knit caps, mitts and mufflers for the winter? Swimmer brings us the ice cream knit cap and mitts set for the cuties and strawberry fur muffler and glove set for more elegant look.


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