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My Project #1 Decoden


It has been a very long time since the last post. I hope everyone hasn’t forgotten me yet. I will slowly pick up this blog again. I’m very sorry about that to the people that likes this blog.


I got this wonderful Decoden kit from Strapya. It is the D’feel X Hello Kitty Sweet Kit. I have an Iphone, so I know the kit will not be enough. That’s the reason why I also got the pink box of rhinestones. I used that for the front part of the phone and filled up some space in the back.

Read more for the tutorial.

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Lolita featured article on

The Halloween party by JapanLA and Royal/T was a big success. As we posted before, there was a reporter from LA Times was taking pictures and interviewing people. The article by Tara Godvin, the Los Angeles Times reporter, is featured on She wrote about 25 Lolitas that were at the party. It is a very intersting photo album/article.

By the way, I’m the 25th person on there. LOL.

Sweets Cell Phone Straps

Strapya recently updated their shop with some very sweet cell phone straps! Again, I like that they have some accent pieces of rhinestores and pearls. Costing you from $7 to $9 plus shipping.

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Casio Exilim with Hello Kitty first and Doraemon second

In September, Casio collaborated with Sanrio and released the Hello Kitty Exilim Ex-Z80. Now Casio is featuring their new Ex-Z20 with Doraemon. Both of them are very similar models, both have 8.1 mega pixels, 2.6 inches monitor, face detection and 3x optical zoom.  But the Doraemon version has a special matching case, but not the Hello Kitty one. Doraemon Exilim is coming out in December. Don’t forget to preorder it, if you like this little blue cat.

Lolita on Paris Hilton’s My New BFF

So the other day I was reading EGL, and know that there was some Lolita moments on Paris Hilton’s MTV show. It was towards the middle/end of the show when Paris went to Japan for the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2008, and the girls above was handing the BFF candidates the invitations. These girls are really adorable, but if you are watching the show for them, don’t even bother… If you are watching the drama among the candidates, there were some good fights haha…

Second LG x Prada Cell Phone

Prada is launching a second cell phone with LG before the end of the year. I don’t know how many of you material girls will care about this, but this full touch screen phone will definitely stirs up some competition with the Apple iPhone or even better! The LG Prada headset features a slide-out Qwerty keyboard, full html browser, 3G compatibility with video calling, and 5 mega-pixel camera! (while iPhone has a 2 mega-pixel camera…) But with all these technology, and the name of Prada, be ready to pay 600 Euros, that is $817.

Gothic Lolita Halloween Party by JapanLA and Royal/T

Tired of slutty Halloween outfit? Want to have a lolita Halloween? JapanLA and Royal/T cafe is having a Gothic Lolita Halloween Party for us who want to have a nice afternoon high tea for Halloween! So put on your lolita outfit and head over to Royal/T in Culver City, CA on Oct 26th. And I will see you there!