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Principessa Beauty Products

Principessa‘s tagline is “beauty products for the urban princess”, and that is what caught my eyes at first. Their products are wrapped in the ultimate girly-girl pink packaging with a bit of mysterious black, simply delightful indulgence. The Principessa range includes everything from whipped body cream to sugar scrub to hair and body powder.


When Eyelashes meets Avant-garde

Shu Uemura is the expert in false eyelashes. I’m not talking about the $3.99 fake lashes you can get in the drug store, Shu Uemura’s are hand-crafted, top-of-the-line quality eyelashes. The Tokyo Lash Bar 2008 collection from Shu Uemura with very unique materials such as sequins and lace. All the lolitas love lace, don’t we?

The Tokyo Lash Bar 2008 also features Dutch fashion designer Vicktor & Rolf’s designs. Within the 3 Couture lashes, I adore the Rhombus Couture. Which has a very nice sparkling gold dramatic lenght to it. Vicktor & Rolf definitely has the vision but also comes with the price.

False Lashes Rhombus Couture by Vicktor & Rolf $95