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Antique Cafe – 小悪魔USAGIの恋文とマシンガンe.p.

On October 29, 2008, An Cafe will release a new CD for their 5th anniversary. The limited edition CD will also include a DVD of the new song’s music video. I can’t believe that An Cafe has been around for 5 years already. I still missed Bou these days.

For the people who don’t know about Visual Kei, An Cafe is a very cute band that play dance-able rock music. Their music will make you smile after the hardest day of your life. LOL.


2.可愛湯’s ЯocК
4.NYAPPY in the world 4 ~般ニャ化教のテーマ~
1.MY ♥ LEAPS FOR “C” music clip


Robyn “Cobrastyle” Music Video Premiere

Robyn, the Swedish electropop singer-songwriter, has make a international come back with her latest self-titled album. And the video of “Cobrastyle” (a remake of the “Cobrastyle” by Teddybears featuring Mad Cobra) recently premiere in the US with great visual presentation. It does show a great influence from the art world in the video, like Piet Mondriaan, and Jackson Pollock.

Also in a related news, Robyn reveals that she has been banned from talking to Madonna, “We were told not to approach Madonna, not to speak to Madonna and, above all, no pictures. I hadn’t expected any glamour, but it’s strange that they assume that the first thing you’re gonna do is run after Madonna and ask for an autograph,” she says. “My worst nightmare would be to turn into Madonna. Madonna is constantly chasing the latest trends.”


Dir en Grey new album, Japanese vs US version

By now, all the Dir en Grey fans in the US should have bought their tickets to the concert later this November. But how about the new CD Uroboros? Uroboros is coming out on 11/11/08. There are 3 different versions of the album in the Japanese version itself, and 4 in the US.

Japanese version Uroboros

Limited Edition – 2CD+DVD+2LD (Subjecte to change)

Limited Edition – 2CD

Regular Edition – 1CD

US version Uroboros

Special Package – CD+LTD+CD/DVD+T-shirt

LTD Digi+Bonus DVD

Gatefold Vinyl+Download Card

Regular CD

Japanese sure knows how to get every single dime out of the fan girls. These CDs varies from 10.99+free shipping to $116+shipping. I guess I’m getting the US version vinyl copy with the downloand card. That way, I could have my music on the computer too.

Dir en Grey – Glass Skin

黒色すみれ (Kokusyoku Sumire) and Angelic Pretty in Los Angeles

November 8-9, Cosplay Oneesan is bringing us the opportunity to shop Angelic Pretty and live with 黒色すみれ (Kokusyoku Sumire) in Kyoto Grand Hotel in Los Angeles.

Lolita san in the area should be very excited. Because Angelic Pretty has their online shop for oversea customers, but only selected style. This time hopefully we could get something they don’t sell online and let Angelic Pretty knows they need to put more merchandises on their oversea website.

黒色すみれ (Kokusyoku Sumire) is a very interesting band that formed by Yuka and Sachi. Their music is a mixture of classic, Japanese folk songs and French chanson. This event in November is going to be their very first time in the US.

Kaya at Pacific Media Expo

Kaya will be performing live at the Pacific Media Expo on November 8 and will be signing autographs!!

Kaya live at PMX. Kaya will be live and in concert at Pacific Music Live, and will be attending a panel session and signing autographs at Pacific Media Expo.

Kaya appears by special arrangement with Cure.

Join the facebook event for this concert.

Beauty, grace, sexuality, and elegance are the themes of Kaya, one of Japan’s most prominent vocalists.

First gaining notoriety as the vocalist of the EBM phenomenon Schwarz Stein, Kaya embarked on a solo career starting in 2006. With song writers such as Hora (ex. Schwarz Stein), Kalm (ex. Velvet Eden), and Hizaki (Versailles), Kaya‘s songs have wide range from electronica, to EBM, to trance, to symphonic, and jazz. His vocal ability is unparalleled as he graces every song with his soulfully powerful, operatic singing that leave lasting impressions on those that hear it.

BTW, I love the song Chocolat!

Hello Kitty Debut Album “Hello World”

Hello Kitty Album debuts

Hello Kitty can sings? It is surprising that she(?!) is releasing an album called “Hello World.”

Sanrio, Inc. is thrilled to announce the release of “Hello World”, the first-ever Hello Kitty album available on Lakeshore Records. The album will offer 11 tracks of original pop tunes, performed by a number of up & coming young artists. The result is an upbeat and perky compilation that reflects the life-embracing mood of the Hello Kitty brand.

The album launches October 7th exclusively at Wal-Mart and the first single “Come On, Come On”, with early airplay reported from Radio Disney, will be available on iTunes starting September 30th. Additional distribution, including SANRIO stores and, will begin in January 2009. A merchandise program featuring t-shirts and accessories emblazoned with the album’s colorful Japan-Pop artwork will coincide with this expanded release.

Hello World Tracklisting:
1. Come On, Come On – Keke Palmer
2. Getaway – Cheryl Yie
3. Hello Kitty – Mandy Ventrice
4. Hey Yeah – Gen
5. Hello World – Ainjel Emme
6. To All The Girls – Jennifer Marks
7. Get This Party Started – Cheryl Yie
8. I Smile – Lindsay Dennis
9. Take It Easy (Chococat’s Jam) – The Seventeens
10. Sweeter Than Sweet – Emma Hunton
11. Do You Really Wanna – Cori Yarckin

BECCA – I’m Alive

People might say that BECCA is a Avril Lavigne’s clone, but that’s not something that I would care about. I’m Alive is the ending song of the anime 黒執事 (Kuroshitsuji, Black Butler), and I do think that this song rocks, and great style from her.