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Tomoko Sawada and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright at Colette


We kind of talk about the show Tomoko Sawada having in Colette before (read here), and here is an update of it that might be of interest to you. During Tomoko Sawada’s exhibition, Colette will be doing a one month “shop in shop” installation with Japanese brand Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. Launched in 1988 by Akinori Isobe and his wife Fumiyo, the brand nowadays has around 20 stores in Japan and its first overseas store is in Paris earlier this year.

Details after the jump.

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Swimmer keeping you warm for the winter

Finally the weather feel a little more like winter time, at least in California. But in Japan, there are already a lot of different products appear in the market to keep you warm. Since everyone is aware of eco-friendly items, the old-fashion hot water bottle become the trend of this year’s choice of personal heater. Hot water bottle is a rubber container that filled with hot water and sealed with a stopper. As ugly as it could be, Japanese finds a way to make it trendy.  Swimmer has the hot water bottle with the cutest covers.

Besides hot water bottles, Swimmer also keeps you warm by having the loveliest knit pants. These knit pants are supposed to be wore under skirt, so you won’t catch a cold when you are wearing your mini-skirt outfit.

How can we not have cute knit caps, mitts and mufflers for the winter? Swimmer brings us the ice cream knit cap and mitts set for the cuties and strawberry fur muffler and glove set for more elegant look.

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Lolita featured article on

The Halloween party by JapanLA and Royal/T was a big success. As we posted before, there was a reporter from LA Times was taking pictures and interviewing people. The article by Tara Godvin, the Los Angeles Times reporter, is featured on She wrote about 25 Lolitas that were at the party. It is a very intersting photo album/article.

By the way, I’m the 25th person on there. LOL.

Metamorphose Lucky Bag

Metamorphose new lucky bag. or fukubukuro, will be available for internet order on 11/5/08 0:00 a.m. Japanese time. The lucky bag cost ¥10.500 (tax included), the merchandises in the bag worth about ¥30,000. This will be a great time to stock up the Lolita basic.

Since Metamorphose hasn’t update their English website yet, we don’t know if they will accept international order for the lucky bag.

Edit: International orders are accepted at the same time. Yay!

Halloween Tea Party Report.

On Sunday, 10/26, we went to the Halloween tea party organized by JapanLA and Royal/T. There were a lot of Lolitas with amazing outfits and very cute dolls. Ching and I arrived at 12 pm, and there were only a couple of tables of cute lolis there. It was a little hard to talk to people, cause everyone were spread-out in the cafe. But we managed to take the initiative to talk to others. So we made some new friends there! Slowly, about an hour or so later, more and more people came to the party. Then the party became more fun. There were also a photo session and book signing session. It was pretty interesting after all. ^_^ I was very surprised that there was LA Times reporter there too.

On to more pictures~~

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Hello Kitty loves Victoria Courture.

A lot of people think that Hello Kitty is only for little girls or maybe teens. Now we working big girls can enjoy Hello Kitty outfit too. Thanks to Victoria Couture’s love for Hello Kitty. In April, Victoria Couture and Hello Kitty already collaborated a limited edition line of t-shirts, bags and sandals. Now celebrating the openning of Sanrio Luxe in Time Square New York,  a new line of Victoria Couture X Hello Kitty is added to their Fall 08/09 collection. This Fall 08/09 line is more “work-friendly”, it includes some basic cardigan and sweaters that can mix and match with daily wardrobe. Also, there are some cute clutches and pouches that can go with our evening wears. Of course, coming from France and using cashmere and wool, Victoria Couture does not come in regular Hello Kitty price tag.

More pictures after the jump, the Victoria Couture collection is also available on Sanrio.

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Metamorphose Swan Lake Series

Metamorphose Swan Lake series is available on their online shop now. If you missed the reservation, you might need to act fast. The series has one OP, two JSKs and 3 SKs. All of them have about 1~2 available, some colors are already sold out. Personally I love the red.

More pictures after the jump.

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