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Lolita on LA Weekly


On 11/8 and 11/9, the Angelic Pretty and Cosplay Oneesan’s event Yumemiru Musical Paradise in Little Tokyo is feature on the LA Weekly‘s blog. Besides talking about the event itself, this is also a very nice article explaining Lolita subculture. Of course the article also included a slideshow, featuring the pictures from 10/9.



Angelic Pretty Fairy Jewelry Cut Sew

Angelic Pretty recently updated their online shop with their new items, including the fairy jewelry cut sew (shown above), chiffon satin ribbon jacket, Märchen bow tie blouse, and fancy melody embroidery high socks (borders and solid color). Although the fairy jewelry cut sew did not make it to the “Recommended Items” on their front page like the bow tie blouse, but I do love it. Totally in love with the little detail with the pearl and rhinestones on the ribbon, elegant yet sophisticated.

Different colors after the jump.

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Angelic Pretty Wonder Party series

Angelic Pretty is accepting reservation for their new original print Wonder Party items. The new series comes in pink, light blue, black and pink x light blue. I think the Angelic Pretty print is more attractive than the Metamorphose cat print. Personally, tea cups are more appealing than kitties. Too bad that AP doesn’t accept reservation from oversea. Hopefully there will be some left for the English website.

More pictures…
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黒色すみれ (Kokusyoku Sumire) and Angelic Pretty in Los Angeles

November 8-9, Cosplay Oneesan is bringing us the opportunity to shop Angelic Pretty and live with 黒色すみれ (Kokusyoku Sumire) in Kyoto Grand Hotel in Los Angeles.

Lolita san in the area should be very excited. Because Angelic Pretty has their online shop for oversea customers, but only selected style. This time hopefully we could get something they don’t sell online and let Angelic Pretty knows they need to put more merchandises on their oversea website.

黒色すみれ (Kokusyoku Sumire) is a very interesting band that formed by Yuka and Sachi. Their music is a mixture of classic, Japanese folk songs and French chanson. This event in November is going to be their very first time in the US.