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Baby the Stars Shine Bright Calandar


From 11/22, Baby the Stars Shine Bright will have their “Miracle Mirror and Kaleidoscope Calendar” fair. If you purchase ¥16,000 or over, you will get the “BABY original 2009 desktop calendar”. If you spend ¥8,000 or over, you will get the “BABY heart mirror”. The calendar is also for sale in the store for ¥1,470 with tax. You can also get these novelties from your online orders which will be shipped on or after 11/25. Because this will be a double novelty fair, the calendar and mirror will run out fast.

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Baby the Star Shines Bright Poodle Going Out Shoes


Want to go out with your poodle today? Baby the Stars Shine Bright’s new  Poodle Going Out shoes will be the perfect match for you. These lovely shoes feature Baby’s logo embroidery on the right, and the cute little poodle on the left.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of poodle prints. They are just too 50’s for me. But I think putting the poodle on the shoes is not so bad. These shoes come in white, pink and black. I love the black one.


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Tomoko Sawada and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright at Colette


We kind of talk about the show Tomoko Sawada having in Colette before (read here), and here is an update of it that might be of interest to you. During Tomoko Sawada’s exhibition, Colette will be doing a one month “shop in shop” installation with Japanese brand Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. Launched in 1988 by Akinori Isobe and his wife Fumiyo, the brand nowadays has around 20 stores in Japan and its first overseas store is in Paris earlier this year.

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Gift with purchase from Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Starting 10/25, when you purchase ¥16000 or more in store, Baby will give you the lovely Milk-chan pillow for free. And if you purchase ¥6000 or more, you get the Halloween pouch with candies for free. For online purchases, you can get the pillow if your shipping date is 10/27 or later. Unfortunately, there are no candies give-away for online orders.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright in PMX

According to a post in the EGL community, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Peace Now and h.Naoto are going to open their stores in PMX. I believe that would be very similar to the h.Naoto store in Anime Expo. If you happened to miss that, then PMX would really be an experience. What would be more fun to shop in an actual store, holding onto the merchandises before you buy them? That will be very cute to shop with the staffs that are wearing their own brand.

Baby The Stars Shine Bright Heart Buckle KiraKira Ribbon Clutch Bag

Sorry for the long title here haha. We just find a perfect match for the cut sew we showed, this is the ribbon clutch bag with heart bukle on it from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. Similar to the Angelic Pretty cut sew, it has rhinestones on the ribbon (this time even heart-shaped rhinestones!), and a pearl handle. Love it!

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Baby, the Stars Shine Bright in Anime Festival

A while ago, Baby the Stars Shine Bright had a fashion show and panel session in the Anime Festival in New York. Now they uploaded a report and some pictures about Anime Festival on their official website. According to the website, the New York lolitas made them a photo book that is full of pictures of fans with Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates outfits. That is very nice of them!