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My Project #1 Decoden


It has been a very long time since the last post. I hope everyone hasn’t forgotten me yet. I will slowly pick up this blog again. I’m very sorry about that to the people that likes this blog.


I got this wonderful Decoden kit from Strapya. It is the D’feel X Hello Kitty Sweet Kit. I have an Iphone, so I know the kit will not be enough. That’s the reason why I also got the pink box of rhinestones. I used that for the front part of the phone and filled up some space in the back.

Read more for the tutorial.

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Dekoden, crazy phone decoration

Remember when Paris Hilton and all the other celebs had their phone “bling out” a while back, Japanese has their ways to take it to another level. Japanese called their decorated, “bling out” cell phone Decoden. They decorate their cell phone using rhinestones, cell phone straps, pearls and all kinds of 3D whip cream, flower and fruits.

We might not all have the artistic hand to decorate our phones. But on, you could find the things you need to decorate your phone easily.

Don’t we all love Hello Kitty? I know I do!