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Year of Ox


Year 2009 is the year of ox in the Chinese Zodiac. But Sanrio is going to bring you a full line of merchandises from Hello Kitty and other characters to bring you luck for the year of ox. Of course we can’t miss the regular stuff animals, key chains and cell phone charms. The most interesting one is the pajama that match the stuff animal. Now we can all be a cow girl.


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Hello Kitty loves Victoria Courture.

A lot of people think that Hello Kitty is only for little girls or maybe teens. Now we working big girls can enjoy Hello Kitty outfit too. Thanks to Victoria Couture’s love for Hello Kitty. In April, Victoria Couture and Hello Kitty already collaborated a limited edition line of t-shirts, bags and sandals. Now celebrating the openning of Sanrio Luxe in Time Square New York,  a new line of Victoria Couture X Hello Kitty is added to their Fall 08/09 collection. This Fall 08/09 line is more “work-friendly”, it includes some basic cardigan and sweaters that can mix and match with daily wardrobe. Also, there are some cute clutches and pouches that can go with our evening wears. Of course, coming from France and using cashmere and wool, Victoria Couture does not come in regular Hello Kitty price tag.

More pictures after the jump, the Victoria Couture collection is also available on Sanrio.

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Casio Exilim with Hello Kitty first and Doraemon second

In September, Casio collaborated with Sanrio and released the Hello Kitty Exilim Ex-Z80. Now Casio is featuring their new Ex-Z20 with Doraemon. Both of them are very similar models, both have 8.1 mega pixels, 2.6 inches monitor, face detection and 3x optical zoom.  But the Doraemon version has a special matching case, but not the Hello Kitty one. Doraemon Exilim is coming out in December. Don’t forget to preorder it, if you like this little blue cat.

Hello Kitty X SevenEleven Xmas special gifts

When the weather starts getting chill, we start thinking about Christmas. Hello Kitty and Seven Eleven in Japan is collaborating for the very special Christmas gifts. The first one is Hello Kitty dressed in a removable cape. This Hello Kitty is limited to the first 711 customers who reserved it. The second one is a Swarovski crystal covered KiraKira ball pen. The first 100 people who pay ¥21000 for that could bring it home on 12/15. Won’t they be the best Christmas present for Hello Kitty fans out there?

NuBra X Hello Kitty comes in a set!

All the ladies out there should know about the magic of NuBra. NuBra helps you to wear all the tanks, low back, strapless and backless outfits. Because NuBra’s unique adhensive material helps stay in place without the straps/band. In US, the NuBra we could get are the very basic ones. But in Japan, they have all kind of different prints, design and color. Now Sanrio also makes bra and panty set with NuBra. The polka dots with Hello Kitty lace and giant bow in the middle are just pure love. No matter you are Hello Kitty lovers or lovely lolita sans, everyone would like to get a hold of them.

More pictures after the jump.
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Dekoden, crazy phone decoration

Remember when Paris Hilton and all the other celebs had their phone “bling out” a while back, Japanese has their ways to take it to another level. Japanese called their decorated, “bling out” cell phone Decoden. They decorate their cell phone using rhinestones, cell phone straps, pearls and all kinds of 3D whip cream, flower and fruits.

We might not all have the artistic hand to decorate our phones. But on, you could find the things you need to decorate your phone easily.

Don’t we all love Hello Kitty? I know I do!

Hello Kitty Debut Album “Hello World”

Hello Kitty Album debuts

Hello Kitty can sings? It is surprising that she(?!) is releasing an album called “Hello World.”

Sanrio, Inc. is thrilled to announce the release of “Hello World”, the first-ever Hello Kitty album available on Lakeshore Records. The album will offer 11 tracks of original pop tunes, performed by a number of up & coming young artists. The result is an upbeat and perky compilation that reflects the life-embracing mood of the Hello Kitty brand.

The album launches October 7th exclusively at Wal-Mart and the first single “Come On, Come On”, with early airplay reported from Radio Disney, will be available on iTunes starting September 30th. Additional distribution, including SANRIO stores and, will begin in January 2009. A merchandise program featuring t-shirts and accessories emblazoned with the album’s colorful Japan-Pop artwork will coincide with this expanded release.

Hello World Tracklisting:
1. Come On, Come On – Keke Palmer
2. Getaway – Cheryl Yie
3. Hello Kitty – Mandy Ventrice
4. Hey Yeah – Gen
5. Hello World – Ainjel Emme
6. To All The Girls – Jennifer Marks
7. Get This Party Started – Cheryl Yie
8. I Smile – Lindsay Dennis
9. Take It Easy (Chococat’s Jam) – The Seventeens
10. Sweeter Than Sweet – Emma Hunton
11. Do You Really Wanna – Cori Yarckin