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Baby the Stars Shine Bright Calandar


From 11/22, Baby the Stars Shine Bright will have their “Miracle Mirror and Kaleidoscope Calendar” fair. If you purchase ¥16,000 or over, you will get the “BABY original 2009 desktop calendar”. If you spend ¥8,000 or over, you will get the “BABY heart mirror”. The calendar is also for sale in the store for ¥1,470 with tax. You can also get these novelties from your online orders which will be shipped on or after 11/25. Because this will be a double novelty fair, the calendar and mirror will run out fast.

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Year of Ox


Year 2009 is the year of ox in the Chinese Zodiac. But Sanrio is going to bring you a full line of merchandises from Hello Kitty and other characters to bring you luck for the year of ox. Of course we can’t miss the regular stuff animals, key chains and cell phone charms. The most interesting one is the pajama that match the stuff animal. Now we can all be a cow girl.


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Hello Kitty loves Victoria Courture.

A lot of people think that Hello Kitty is only for little girls or maybe teens. Now we working big girls can enjoy Hello Kitty outfit too. Thanks to Victoria Couture’s love for Hello Kitty. In April, Victoria Couture and Hello Kitty already collaborated a limited edition line of t-shirts, bags and sandals. Now celebrating the openning of Sanrio Luxe in Time Square New York,  a new line of Victoria Couture X Hello Kitty is added to their Fall 08/09 collection. This Fall 08/09 line is more “work-friendly”, it includes some basic cardigan and sweaters that can mix and match with daily wardrobe. Also, there are some cute clutches and pouches that can go with our evening wears. Of course, coming from France and using cashmere and wool, Victoria Couture does not come in regular Hello Kitty price tag.

More pictures after the jump, the Victoria Couture collection is also available on Sanrio.

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Metamorphose Swan Lake Series

Metamorphose Swan Lake series is available on their online shop now. If you missed the reservation, you might need to act fast. The series has one OP, two JSKs and 3 SKs. All of them have about 1~2 available, some colors are already sold out. Personally I love the red.

More pictures after the jump.

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Comme des Garçons hits H&M

H&M and Comme des Garçons collaboration project is not a news. But as the release date getting closer and closer, we all need a little reminder. The date for their America release will be on Nov 13. I bet you there will be tons of people waiting for the store to open and most the stuffs will be gone by a couple of hours. As a working Lolita, of course I will be targeting the lovely black ruffle dress. Even the dress is not exactly Lolita, that will still bring out the princess inside you.

These are the H&M stores that will carry the Comme des Garçons line,

New York:
435 7th Avenue at 34th Street.
1328 Broadway at 34th Street (Herald Square).
640 5th Avenue at 51st Street.
731 Lexington Avenue at 59th Street.

Los Angeles:
5200 Beverly Center.

West Hollywood:
8580 Sunset Blvd.

San Francisco:
150 Powell Street.

840 North Michigan Avenue.

Read more for the pictures.

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Gift with purchase from Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Starting 10/25, when you purchase ¥16000 or more in store, Baby will give you the lovely Milk-chan pillow for free. And if you purchase ¥6000 or more, you get the Halloween pouch with candies for free. For online purchases, you can get the pillow if your shipping date is 10/27 or later. Unfortunately, there are no candies give-away for online orders.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright in PMX

According to a post in the EGL community, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Peace Now and h.Naoto are going to open their stores in PMX. I believe that would be very similar to the h.Naoto store in Anime Expo. If you happened to miss that, then PMX would really be an experience. What would be more fun to shop in an actual store, holding onto the merchandises before you buy them? That will be very cute to shop with the staffs that are wearing their own brand.