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Baby the Star Shines Bright Poodle Going Out Shoes


Want to go out with your poodle today? Baby the Stars Shine Bright’s new¬† Poodle Going Out shoes will be the perfect match for you. These lovely shoes feature Baby’s logo embroidery on the right, and the cute little poodle on the left.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of poodle prints. They are just too 50’s for me. But I think putting the poodle on the shoes is not so bad. These shoes come in white, pink and black. I love the black one.


Details pictures after the jump.

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Sweets Cell Phone Straps

Strapya recently updated their shop with some very sweet cell phone straps! Again, I like that they have some accent pieces of rhinestores and pearls. Costing you from $7 to $9 plus shipping.

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Baby the Stars Shine Bright bunny backpack is out again!

The loveliest bunny backpack from Baby the Star Shine Bright is coming out again! Don’t miss this opportunity to score yourself one. Every time when the bunny bags come out, they are basically sold out immediately. How could one lolita lives without this giant bunny on her back! Too bad they don’t have the one in black this time. You can get this directly on their web site here.

Sweets Jewelry in the Mainstream

I saw a post on EGL that very interesting an would like to share will you all. Recently New York Times has an article about Cora Sheibani, a Swiss jewelry designer, who is having an exhibition in New York. Cora is not the obviously is not the first designer does sweets jewelry, and affordable. If you want to know more, read on.

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